What is the major difference between Soviet-style Communism and the China model of Communism?

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The major difference in the Soviet style of communism and the Chinese style of communism is in what the national economy was rooted in. In Soviet communism, industrialisation was at the heart of the economy. The Soviet model glorified industrial production and the image of the industrial worker. Within this model, the proletariat were considered to be the true leaders of the country, but of course, the bureaucratic heads of the state were the true rulers. In China, Maoist communism focused on rural agriculture as the dominant economic system and upheld the peasant as the image of communist China. Of course, similarly to Soviet communism, the heads of the party and the party enforcers were the true leaders of the state. The peasants who worked the fields were idolized in words but certainly did not see true empowerment through communism or any other state-based system.

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