What is the major difference between Anne Riordan and Helen Grayle/ Velma Valento? This is more of a character analysis type question

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Anne Riordan is simple, honest, modest, conventional, whereas Velma is ruthless, unconventional, ambitious, materialistic and flamboyant. Anne is an introvert; Velma is an extrovert. Both are smart, independent, resourceful. Moose Malloy would naturally be attractive to a fllashy, sexy, dangerous woman like Velma, but he would never be attracted to a plain, domestic woman like Anne. Philip Marlowe, on the other hand, sees the much greater worth in Anne, who would make a lucky man a faithful and helpful lifelong companion, while Velma is nothing but trouble for every man she gets involved with. Anne would be faithful, but Velma could never be faithful because she is selfish and ambitious. The trouble for Marlowe is that he is a loner and doesn't know whether he could adjust to the kind of conventional, routine sort of existence that Anne seems to be offering him. She doesn't approve of his drinking, for one thing. She would want to change him. She could never change herself. He would have to become a different person, more like her, if he wanted to have a permanent relationship with her. But maybe, like Velma, he has had too much life experience and has developed too far in a certain direction to be able to turn around and go back to the sort of life Anne represents and offers.

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