What are the major customs of the Hindu religion?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most significant customs that exists within the Hindu faith is the belief in the Brahman, or the universality of being in the world.  Brahman is a custom that can be defined as "the unchanging reality amidst and beyond the world."  Understanding this transcendent condition is one of the most important elements of Hinduism and helps to form a major part of the cultural expression of Hinduism.  So much of why Hinduism transcends binary oppositions and constructs reality differently than its Western counterparts is because of the way in which Brahman underscores all aspect of being.  Understanding it and acknowledging it in as many realms as possible is a significant custom of the Hindu faith.

If we are looking at how the practice of religion impacts daily customs, one would have to see that invocation of the Gods and Goddesses is an essential part of being.  It is not surprising to see Hindus practicing the custom of invoking a deity's name before something significant.  Invoking Lord Ganesh's name before a significant undertaking is a custom that many Hindus embrace. Sometimes, this custom is seen in how people greet one another.  It is not surprising to see Hindus greet one another with invoking the divine, such as "Jai Shree Krishna" or "Radhe Radhe."  This is another custom in which one sees how the universality of Brahman makes its way in even the most mundane of tasks.  At the same time, another custom that emphasizes both the condition of Brahman in the world and daily practice is the applying of sacred powder blessed by the divine on the forehead before they leave the house or starting their day.  These are simple and daily customs in which the larger meaning of the Hindu faith is evident.