What are the major conflicts in The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas?

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One major conflict can be found in Chapter 26, in which Aramis struggles between love and religion. 

"As long as a person loves, and is loved in return, and knows the whereabouts of his beloved, religious matters rarely fill one with anguish. But if one feels rejected in love, as does Aramis, then a viable alternative to love in this world is a religious life in a monastery. That is, when Aramis thinks that he has been rejected, he turns to religion for solace.

However, when Aramis receives a letter from his beloved—Madame de Chevreuse, the friend of the queen whom the king suspected of connivance and banished to Tours—Aramis becomes ecstatic. He immediately disavows his religious plans and tells d’Artagnan that he is bursting with happiness. He rejects the religiously correct meal of spinach and eggs, and, instead, he orders meat, game, fowl, and the bottle of wine which he rejected only moments earlier. Here, in this typical romantic novel, the power of love once again triumphs."

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  • to protect the honor of the Queen by concealing her affair with the King of Buckingham
  • The next conflict was between the musketeers when they set out to duel with each other at the first part of the story
  • The final conflict was between Athos and his former lover, who is actually Milady, mastermind behind all of the terrible deeds and destructions.