According to Guns, Germs and Steel, what are the major advantages of the Fertile Crescent that predispose this region to early agricultural development?

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You can answer this by reading in Chapter 8.  Diamond lists the Fertile Crescent's advantages beginning on p. 136 in the paperback edition of the book.  These advantages include:

  • It has a Mediterranean climate that is a very good habitat for plants that are useful to people.  In fact, it has the largest zone of such climate in the world.
  • It had many plants that were easy to domesticate.
  • Its climate varies more from year to year and season to season than that of any other Mediterranean zone.
  • It has many different altitudes and topographies within a relatively short distance of one another.
  • It also had more big animals that could be domesticated.
  • The area did not have enough resources to be really good for hunter-gatherers.  This meant societies that started to farm did not have to compete with hunter-gatherers.