What are the major advantages and disadvantages to globalization?

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There are as many advantages and disadvantages of globalization are there are different types of globalization, and many people disagree on what aspects of the phenomenon are advantageous or disadvantage to whom.

On the most general level, globalization means increased global communication. Most people think this is a good thing, as it allows people to understand and get to know other cultures, and is one small step on the long and arduous journey towards world peace. The more one has friends and colleagues from other cultures, the better one can begin to understand their ideas and needs and positions rather than just dismissing them as alien. On the negative side, global communication can mean "winner takes all" in the cultural marketplace, with world culture growing more uniform, and more powerful languages and cultural phenomena such as film and music crowding out smaller languages, traditions, and local cultural productions.

Global supply chains and business can reduce costs and...

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