What are the major achievements that Julius Caesar accomplished?

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boomer-sooner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Julius Caesar was something of a Renaissance man.  He was a noted orator and statesman, and an excellent military leader and historian.  Among his chief accomplishments are his perfect war record, the creation of the first public paper, his outlawing of extortion, and his influence on the current calendar.

Julius Caesar rose to leadership of the Roman army.  Due to his many accomplishments on the battlefield the Roman Senate continued to vote new favors for him including the right to wear purple, a color reserved for royalty.  After conquering the Gauls, Egyptians, Pharnaces and Juba, he returned to Rome to serve as a dictator, which allowed him autocratic power.  His formal position was as the consular to the Senate, and his long-serving friend Mark Antony served as co-consular.

Using his power as a dictator, Julius Caesar instituted many social reforms allowing the lower classes some stability.  He outlawed extortion, a major concern of the time, and established a standard calendar.  He also instituted the Acta Diurna, a public paper detailing to the citizen the stance of the government.  He promoted education and peace after many years of war.  Antony would declare Julius Caesar dictator perpetuus, meaning the everlasting dictator in 44BC.  His reign as such was short-lived and Julius Caesar was killed by conspirators within the Senate who feared he would become king.