What were the major achievements (geography-wise) of ancient Egypt? How did geography influence their way of living?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The major geographic achievement of Ancient Egypt was to put together an empire that was relatively large and was made up of many different kinds of people.  One aspect of geography is human geography.  Human geography can be concerned with how different cultures and ethnic groups are distributed across space and how those people are governed.  The Egyptian empire managed to take disparate groups of people who were spread over a large space and govern them as one.  They did so through military skill but also through politics and diplomacy.

The geography of Egypt influenced their way of life profoundly.  The most important aspect of Egypt’s geography was the Nile River.  This river’s annual floods created the “black land” in which most of Egypt’s population lived.  It allowed them to farm and it dictated where they could do so.  The river and its flooding also influenced Egyptian religious beliefs.  It helped cause them to believe in relatively benign gods and in a very cyclical view of life.  The Nile also allowed Egyptians to trade within their kingdom and with others who could be reached by the Nile.  Without the Nile, Egyptian life would have been much different.