What is the main in the poem "The Twelve"? pleas explain the theme of this poem ,perfectly.

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"The main theme of The Twelveis the Russian Revolution of October, 1917. Although written by a nonrevolutionary who was not even a real sympathizer, it is considered to be the definitive poem of the revolution, the best poetic rendition of this monumental event."

There is religious symbolism in the number twelve, as in the 12 apostles.  The author of the poem injects the image of Christ into this poem even though the true Revolutionaries reject all forms of religion. 

He had a different perspective on revolution imagining that Jesus Christ was the first Communist leader, therefore, the Russian Revolution, for him, took on religious tones that others did not see.

"The revolutionaries themselves rejected Blok’s nebulous, pseudospiritual, and basically incorrect interpretation of the revolution. More objective critics were puzzled by the ambiguities and inconsistencies, which they found hard to reconcile not only with the author himself but also with actual events (if anything, the revolutionaries were against all forms of religion)."    

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what is the main theme in the poem of Blok(The Twelve)?

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