What are the main turning points and climax in The Chrysalids?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a few moments in The Chysalids that I feel are significant turning points.  

One turning point occurs early in the story.  That is when David discovers Sophie's extra toe.  It's a turning point because David must make a decision: turn her in to Waknuk society or keep the secret.  He keeps the secret.  

Another turning point occurs when David and his fellow telepaths are discovered.  It's a turning point because they are no longer in hiding within Waknuk society.  David and his friends are forced to flee.  It's a move that they have to do, but it is not without dangers.  If they stay, they risk execution.  If they flee, they risk encountering the Fringes.  

A third turning point is when Sophie rescues David from Spider.  This allows David to finally reach the location where the Sealanders will be.  

The climax to the story is the "battle" that happens between the Sealanders and everybody else.  You can't really call it a battle, because the Sealanders have technology that allows them to immobilize everybody on the battlefield.  Nobody even has a chance to fight back.