What is the main turning point for Rosa in Burger's daughter?

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jilllessa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the main turning point for Rosa is when she is in France and she meets up with Baase Vulindlela.  She has already found her independence from the past in her stay with Katya Bagnelli who supports her as a person rather than as her father's daughter.  However it is her discussion with Baase that motivates her to return home and take her own part in the struggle being played out in her land.  Baase, who has changed his name to Zwelinzima (meaning "suffering land") does not even seem to remember the kindness he received at Rosa's home as a child.  He feels that the kindness means nothing because the struggle is that of black against white only.  There can be no relationship between blacks and whites other than a state of warfare.  Rosa does not believe he is right and her reaction to his hostility is to return home to South Africa.  But she is not returning as merely "Burgher's Daughter"  She is returning as a woman in her own right to create her own place in the struggle.  Her trip to France had changed her from a woman with no direction of her own, to a woman with the power to choose her own direction.

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