what are the main themes/topics in Journey's end? Give two examples for each.

shannon1331 | Student

1- Alcoholism especially reagrading Stanhope and how it changed him, his reasons for drinking, and how he felt about alcohol before he went to war.

2- Desires for a homey effect for exmple all the candles, magazines, books chaires tables ect to make it a  house.

3- Random conversations about food to distract them from the real issues like war, htem suffering etc.

hope this helps.

blackreaper75 | Student

 Heroism- This is one theme which can be seen through Raleigh. Raleigh hero-worships Stanhope and looks up to him till the very end. For example when Raleigh first arrived in the trenches, he had noticed how much Stanhope had changed since the last time they had met. Even so, when Raleigh wrote a letter to his sister, he had written proudly of Stanhope and did not bad-mouth him in any way.

As shannon1331 had said, food and alchohol is another theme which can be seen throughout the play. Whenever Stanhope gets too stressed, he would immediately call for his alchohol and drown his senses in it. Also it can be seen that most of the conversations relating to the war is usually done while having their meal. Food serves to distract them from war and also serves as a comic relief to diffuse the tension, usually by Mason or Trotter.

Theme of Hierarchy. From the tone of the characters, this theme is shown. Mason is afraid of the officers. this is shown when mason accidentally got apricots and told Osborne to tell Stanhope. Another incident is the raid. As much as the colonel does not want to send their men into a suicide raid, he cannot refuse the order from the Brigadier General and call it off.

Hope this helps. ^_^


samiaa1 | Student

main themes of this play are...

Sacrifice:- this is the sacrifice if stanhope, when he chooses to destroy himself by drinking rather than giveng up. this might also be looked at as Raleigh's sacrifice when he gives up his life, fighting the war.

Comradeship and brotherhood:- we see this in the relationships of osborne and stanhope, raleigh and osborne and stanhope and raleigh. also when stanhope tries to persuade hibbert to stay and fight with his friends, we see a bond as stanhope shares his fears with the weak man.

The main theme i think is STRESS OF WAR: this is the one thing that doesnt change through out the play. in every plot, this theme is at the back of the main theme. Sherriff effectively conveys how futile and useless war is.


Really hope i could be of any help.

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