What are the main themes in Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point?

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The topic of The Tipping Point is about the factors that cause certain changes and movements in society to spread and gain strength. For example, how does something suddenly become trendy? How does a very small social or political movement suddenly turn into a big movement that affects far more people?

One major theme in the book is the idea of "connectivity" or "connectors." This is basically the process where people who know a lot of other people are drawn to an idea and then spread that idea within their communities. They have a lot of impact on social movements and the spread of trends and ideas.

The author Malcolm Gladwell also talks about "stickiness" and "context," these are again about how trends tip over. Specifically, they refer to small changes, factors or incidents that suddenly cause the rapid spread of an idea.

The main idea that we receive from this book is about how small things can end up having a huge impact on society. We can use the metaphor of how a small snowball can turn into an avalanche.

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