What are the main themes that are in Chapter 2 of "The Hiding Place"? How do they impact our lives? How do these themes relate to our lives? How do they relate to the bible?

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jilllessa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This chapter contains Corries remembrances of her childhood in the house that later becomes the central location of her network of hiding Jews.  There are two major themes that are brought out in this chapter.  The first theme is that if one is truly to follow God, ones behavior will reflect his/her Christian conviction always, not only when it is convenient.  We see this in the positive when Betsie wants to wear the smaller bonnet rather than the larger one given to her by Tante Jans but she refuses to resort to trickery by hiding the smaller bonnet under the larger one.  On a negative side, we see how Tante Jans, who is famous for her religious tracts, also has a somewhat difficult and even greedy personality, demanding the largest rooms in the house.

Another theme that we see is that God will provide us with the information and strength we need when we need it.  This is Corrie's father's message when she asked a question about sex and he responded by asking her to carry his heavy travelling case.  She was not ready for the case just as she was not ready for the information. 

These themes relate to our lives and to the Bible.  Faith in God is not just a convenience to be followed when easy, it is a conviction to be lived always. Further, God will provide us with the strength and ability to accomplish things when we are ready to receive them for a particular purpose, as he will for Carrie in the challenges to come.