What are the main themes in the short story 'Real Time' by Amit Chaudhuri?

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The main themes in the short story 'Real Time' by Amit Chaudhary include Time, Religion, Childhood, Memory, The Past, Indian Society and how it relartes to the hidden routines and flow of daily life, Ceremony and Closure - or lack of it. In the story his observations are very sharp, right down to the description of Mr Mitra wishing he had taken the time to find his sandals instead of wearing shoes and socks for his big visit as his feet are perspiring. He describes the clipped almost modern way in which his wife is concerned with the time on her watch, almost making the visit inconsequential in so doing. Even details like a can of sticky orange fanta placed on the floor seem to have importance - he is like all classic writers - able to put us in the room. Amit Chaudhary is an author who is renowned for his descriptions and critique of Indian society which he writes in a very fluid style. He tells life like it is presenting reality without any adornment or unnecessary description. He concentrates on the moment he is writing about and in that sense has been compared to V.S. Naipaul (the author who wrote 'A House For Mr Biswas.)

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