What are the main themes in the play Loyalties by John Glasworthy?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is an irony that one of the main themes of Loyalties is the concept of loyalty. Each character has a different person or concept to which he or she is loyal.  Captain Dancy misjudges the loyalty of his friends.  Mabel is fiercely loyal to her mate.  Winsor is loyal to tradition.  Canynge is loyal to his reputation in the Army.  Most importantly, De Levin and Jacob Twisden are the only people loyal to the truth.  Of course, De Levin is the victim.  Jacob Twisden is the lawyer.

COLFORD.  Guilty or not, you ought to have stuck to him—it's not playing the game, Mr Twisden.

TWISDEN. You must allow me to judge where my duty lay, in a very hard case.

Yet another theme is that of discrimination.  In fact, this is the most general of themes to notice about this play.  In short, it is Jewish people (and especially De Levin) who are discriminated against.  He is trying to gain membership to the Jockey Club.  The rich people do not want to allow him membership and, as a result, stage a robbery.  De Levin decides to find the real culprit behind this robbery and find the only person he can trust is Twisden.

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