What are the main themes in Mountain Language by Harold Pinter?

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Two important themes of the play are the effects of repression and the power of communication. By situating the play around the prison, not just inside its cells, Harold Pinter draws attention to the reach of repressive practices, as the prisoners's plight is also that of their families and the society from which they have been removed. By making the banning of a specific language the central conceit and showing the ingenious ways the language's speakers try to circumvent the ban, he emphasizes the importance of communication in human life.

Pinter, although acknowledging some specific contemporary points of reference to actual situations, has not indicated any actual country or people, past or present, in the play itself. The universality of the situation is thereby emphasized. Although it seems that the case he presents is one of internal colonialism, where the oppressed people live within the same country, the idea of capturing and imprisoning those speaking or behaving differently is...

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