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by Toni Morrison

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What is the main theme of Home?

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Home by Toni Morrison tells the story of Frank Money, a Korean war veteran. It follows his life after he is discharged from the army. Frank is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, has terrible flashbacks, and turns to drink.

One of the most significant themes in the novel is that of good vs evil. The theme can be identified at various points in the story. Mainly, however, it can be seen in the two opposing sides of Frank’s character. Whilst fighting in the war, he has not only seen great evil but has also committed it himself. He has killed many people, including a young Korean girl who used to give him oral sex. On his return, he struggles with what he has done but continues to do evil to himself by drinking and flying into great rages. When Frank flies into one of his rages, he does terrible things and cannot remember doing them. When he meets Lily, the good side of Frank emerges as he tries to be a better person. Frank’s good side is also seen in his relationship with his...

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