What are the main themes of The Devil and Mr. Casement by Jordan Goodman?

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An additional theme is the hypocrisy that lies at the heart of the colonial project. The British government that commissioned Roger Casement to investigate human rights abuses in the Congo was the very same administration carrying out abuses of its own throughout its vast colonial empire. Unthinkingly, the British government appeared to hold to an untenable notion of "Good empire, bad empire," that there was somehow a difference between the supposedly more civilized British Empire and its Belgian counterpart. But in carrying out his extensive investigations, Casement came to realize that such a distinction is utterly bogus. The numerous abuses he uncovered represented a savage indictment of the whole policy of colonialism—British or otherwise—with its rampant exploitation and subjection of indigenous peoples.

One of the major themes in The Devil and Mr. Casement by Jordan Goodman is human rights abuse. The author tells the story of how a Peruvian rubber baron subjugated and abused local...

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