What are the main themes developed in Maru?

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One of the most present themes in Maru is how unjust social norms and practices can and must be challenged by individuals in order to create lasting change. The process of social isolation and untouchability is something that is challenged by both Margaret and the men who love her.  This idea is present in the end, when Maru takes Margaret as his bride, leaving his social setting and fighting through a new path that is unworn.  In the end, this becomes one of the most powerful themes in the novel.  If individuals wish to change the world into what it should be as opposed to what it is, this process has to begin with individuals who are willing to make sacrifices for such a cause.  These sacrifices are painful and filled with challenge as both Margaret and Maru both prove, but they are needed in order for the negative practices of the past to stop and to cease.  A new social order is always difficult to envision, unless a level of commitment to its goals are present in the actions of its individuals and this is something seen in the text.

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