What are the main themes or arguments in Evicted? Cite evidence from the text.

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The main themes of Evicted are the forces that lead to the huge numbers of American families who face eviction each year. The author traces several families who face eviction in Milwaukee.

One of these forces is the stagnation of wages coexisting with the rising cost of housing. As the author writes, "Today, the majority of the poor renting families in America spend over half their income on housing" (4). There is also an industry set up around evictions, including sheriffs with the full-time job of evicting tenants and data companies who sell information about tenants who have been evicted. At the same time, the stock of available housing has fallen. On page 47, the author notes that the vacancy rate in low-cost housing nationwide is in the single digits.

The author traces evictions to the loss of manufacturing and other...

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