What is the main theme and plot of "Shoeless Joe" and why?

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Enotes has wonderful guides and study tools for the book "Shoeless Joe," and I provided several links to them below.  Check them out, because I think that they will be super helpful.

If you haven't tried reading "Shoeless Joe," I highly recommend it.  It is a quick read, it's about baseball, and one of the more engaging and interesting books that you can pick up.  So, give it a shot.  To give you a brief idea of what it is about, it is about a farmer who starts hearing a whispering voice that says, "If you build it, he will come."  Initially freaked out by this, he eventually figures out that he needs to build a baseball field in the middle of his cornfield.  Once he does, "ghosts" of former players start showing up to play there.  That is the super basic gist.  The main theme of the books is following your dreams, listening to instinct and gut, and in the end, redemption and hope.

I hope that these thoughts help to get you started; give the book a shot, and check out the links below, and you'll be set!  Good luck!

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