The Road Not Taken Questions and Answers
by Robert Frost

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What is the main theme of the poem "The Road Not Taken"?

The main theme of "The Road Not Taken" is that life is full of choices which will define our destinies. The speaker spends a while deliberating when he comes to a fork in the road, which symbolizes a choice he must make in his life. Ultimately, he has to make some decision, but he will spend the rest of his life haunted by, or simply curious about, what could have happened if chose the other path. The choice that he made "has made all the difference" in his life. Whether this is for better or for worse is ambiguous.

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The main theme of the poem, "The Road Not Taken," is that human beings are confronted with and defined by the choices they make.  The main idea of the poem is that the speaker is confronted with this fork in the road and must make a choice as to which road to take.  The speaker can only choose one path, and must abide by that choice.  The theme of the poem is that human beings are defined by the choices they face and the choices they make.  While we might wish to avoid these choices, the speaker (and, the poet, for that matter) tells us that we are unable to avoid the agonizing element of choice.  There can be little to alleviate this burden from us; we face the fork in the road and must choose.  In the final analysis, the poem indicates to us that the main theme of our choices must also be that we are content with them.  The last line of the poem indicates this, in terms of the speaker realizing that the choices he made "have made all the difference."  It seems to me that this read on the end indicates that regardless of what our choices are and our decisions, they are ours and we must take ownership of that fact.

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retardedzombie | Student

there is tricky thing

a SIGH can be a good one and a bad one and DIFFERENCE can be good or bad too so one shuld not be confused with this.

the poet have not mentioned any information because he himself didn't LIVED THE FUTURE and that effects are still to come!

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A Philosophical poet looks at this life as a journey.  this journey presents many choices.  These choices can be put under two broad categories.  The first class of choices do not present many hurdles or hardships, while the second class of the choices present many hurdles and hardships.  To swim upstream is very difficult so the people resolve to swim down stream.  Similarly we call a difficult task as an UPHILL task.  At this juncture it would be very appropriate to take a look at the famous quote of shakespeare drawn from AS YOU LIKE IT  which goes on to read as"sweet are the uses of the adversity which is like a toad ugly and venomous but wears a precious jewel on it's head".  The sweeter the achievement the more difficult it is.  Only some stoic people give importance to achieve these sweeter ones and put in a hard work while many of us settle down for less difficult and convenient living.  So many of us generally dont make a mark on this Earth, as great people like Robert Frost or shakespeare or some other great men have done.

The fork presents two roads one is a well used one while the other which was less used or not used at all.  The well used road had presented very few hardsips so many have used it but the other was less used for it presented many hardships.  The poet had used this less used road though he anticipated many hardships but acheived some meaningful distinction in his life and had made a mark on this Earth as the greatest poet that America had ever produced with three pulitzer prizes under his belt.

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