What is the MAIN THEME for Julius Caesar.?

mafesto | Student

One of the main themes in Julius Caesar is power and ambition and how it can corrupt. Brutus is afraid the absolute power might turn Caesar into a tyrant. He is concerned for the welfare of his country. After taking part in Caesar's assassination, Brutus argues to the crowd that committed murder out of love for his country, and made them believe that if Caesar were still alive, they would all be slaves, whereas now that Caesar is dead, they can have freedom. He claimed that even though he loved Caesar, he loved Rome more. Brutus really believes this, and therefore he agrees to take part in Caesar's assassination. His fear of Caesar's power is part of what moves him to betray his best friend. Two of the main themes in Julius Caesar are how power and ambition can corrupt a person, turning him into a tyrant, and how fear of this tyranny. Caesar can cause even the most honorable of people who are friends to turn against someone and betray that person as Brutus betrayed .

aznemoo | Student

its just general the fall of caesar because people did not like the thought of having one person with all the power but instead wanted to stay a republic so that the high class can remain in power, to my opinion