The Eagle of the Ninth

by Rosemary Sutcliff

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What is the main theme of The Eagle of the Ninth? and what is the message that the author is trying to put through it? what the book is really about and what message was trying to be put through it and really what the theme of it is, because I am trying to write a paper on it but I really need to get more information on it because I don't have the book.

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THere are many themes in the novel, the Eagel of the Ninth. They include, interdependence, freedom, self-acceptance, and loyalty. I think that the main theme is self-acceptance. Marcus Flavius Aquila has a hard time accepting himself at first because he is in exile, and because he is injured. But throughout the novel he learns that it is okay to be dependent on others, to need help. I think he learns this mainly in his dealings with his Uncle's slave Sassticca who helps him when he is injured. Through the help Sassticca provides Marcus becomes confident.

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