What is the main theme in Dorothy Parker’s poems "Wail" and "Men," and how does the element of humor, irony, tone, style, or diction illustrate that theme?

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Both of the poems "Men" and "Wail" by Dorothy Parker deal with the central theme concerning the disillusionment of love.

Parker clearly portrays the theme of disillusionment of love in "Men" through the literary device antithesis, which she uses as part of her style. An antithesis occurs when an author uses opposing ideas or phrases in close proximity. Dr. Wheeler gives us the example, "I burn and I freeze" (Dr. Wheeler, "Antithesis"). Parker begins her poem by describing how much men claim they worship women and then also states, "If you return the sentiment, / They'll try to make you different." Since Parker is using the idea that men will try and change you in close proximity to her initial

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