What is the main theme and atmosphere of Philip Larkin's "Coming," and what does the the poem symbolize?

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“Coming” by Philip Larkin is a poem about the arrival of spring and the feelings of contentment that come with it. The poem’s theme is based on the idea of renewal and joy that comes with the birth of spring. Spring, a metaphor for new life, is something that the poet looks forward to after the harshness of winter. The theme of renewal and the cycle of new life and joy comes through the mood and atmosphere the poet creates.

Larkin paints us a picture of a beautiful Spring day and the feelings that come from the light and sounds of the long-awaited season. Larkin says,

On longer evenings,

Light, chill and yellow,

Bathes the serene

Foreheads of houses.

A thrush sings,


In the deep bare garden,

Its fresh-peeled voice

Astonishing the brickwork.

The way the poet sets the atmosphere to create that theme of renewal is by using imagery like the words “light, chill and yellow” or “Laurel-surrounded” that bring to mind the picture of a Spring day. The way the poet describes the light...

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