What were the main terms of the Treaty of Versailles?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Treaty of Versailles ended World War I. This treaty was very harsh on the Central Powers and especially for Germany.

There were several terms of the Versailles Treaty. Germany had to pay reparations to the Allies. Germany had to pay $33 billion in reparations. Germany also had to accept the responsibility for the start of World War I. The Central Powers lost much land. Many new countries were created after World War I ended. These new countries were based on the principle of self-determination. The Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman Empires ended. Much of the land for these new countries came from the defeated countries. Germany’s military capabilities were reduced, allowing Germany only to be able to defend itself. The Versailles Treaty created the League of Nations. This was an organization that was designed to keep the peace by having a place where countries could go to try to resolve their disputes without going to war.

These harsh terms of the Versailles Treaty helped create resentment that eventually was a factor in the start of World War II.

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