What are the main tenets or features of Marxism?  

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Marxism is a way of examining and critiquing the socio-economic conditions and class status. It promotes a transition to a more egalitarian arrangement based primarily on the following observations and principles.

  • Marxism acknowledges that there exists a historical tendency to divide people into social classes that are characterized by inequality and injustice. This results in a constant state of class struggle.
  • Marxism acknowledges that unfettered capitalism creates a system in which the majority of labor is performed by a class of people who do not reap the most benefits from their labor.
  • This labor is done to benefit an elite class instead of benefiting the needs of all.
  • The elite use many tools, such as organized religion and the promotions of racial, ethnic, and gender prejudices to help maintain their power.
  • It is the responsibility of the labor class itself to emancipate themselves from this exploitive system. Relying on the elite class to level the playing field means perpetual...

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