What is the main symbol in "He-y come on ou-t" story?

Expert Answers
slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The hole symbolizes a so-called easy solution for a big problem. The hole initially brings prosperity and wealth to those who use it to dispose of unwanted materials and use it to make money by charging others to dump their waste into it. It seems to clean up the city and create a place where they are not worried about all of the dangerous waste they create because they have a place to put it where it just disappears. However, the hole is not the solution that the people believe it to be, because it ends up literally just dumping the problem back on the people's heads. The hole symbolizes the people's ignorance as well, just as the hole is this big dark gaping space that goes on seemingly forever, the people are also in the dark and cannot see what their destruction of the earth will eventually do to them. They cannot see to the end of the hole, and they do not fully understand it, yet they try to use it for their own gain anyway. The hole is not a solution, it just is. It is almost like a mobius strip of sorts, cycling around again. It teaches the reader that every action has a consequence, and everything comes around again in some way.