What is the main idea of the article "Crushed by Potential?"   http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/crushed-by-potential/article658460/

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In this article, 26-year old Doug Hawat is describing his hesitation to get out and make something of his life. He compares himself to a 2003 model digital camera that he couldn't bring himself to use while it was still state of the art. He was afraid he'd break it then. Now that it is obsolete, he is not afraid to use it. He worries that he is missing out on his most productive years, living at home with his parents. Ultimately, he faces a paradox. It is his fear of not living up to his potential that is causing him not to live up to his potential:

I stand on the precipice of a limitless life, and while I stand here my potential is perfect. To step forward is to risk failure, to risk scuffing up that perfectly clean slate.

So he is paralyzed by doubt, and is, through this article, trying to talk himself into taking the plunge that he knows he must take in order to be successful.

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