What are the main structural elements in "A Good man is Hard to Find"?

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Flannery O'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find" is fiction, a short story.  As such, it can be analyzed, or dissected, into structural elements according to mainly plot, character, and figurative language.

What you must know, though, is that O'Connor is a comic writer and a religious writer.  Many readers are confused by her structure: she seems to be making fun of religion.  Rest assured, she is not.  In fact, O'Connor is a very serious religious writer who uses caricatures (exaggerated characters) like The Misfit and the grandmother to expose the relationships between good and evil, nihilism and revelation, and hypocrisy and salvation.  In the end, all of her characters look flat, grotesque, and evil, but--as readers--we have to imply that O'Connor means just the opposite of them.

So, structural elements:

Flat, static characters: the Misfit, the grandmother.  They are both religiously confused: the Misfit is a nihilist, and the Grandmother is a self-righteous Christian.  They...

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