What are the main sources of conflict in chapters 23 & 24?For example: person vs. person

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In Chapter 23 of To Kill a Mockingbird the main sources of conflict are as follow:

Man vs. Society (Legal System): Atticus is against a biased white jury system

Man vs. Man: Aunt Alexandra forbids the kids to play with little Walter Cunningham.

Man vs. Society (re: Racism): Scout must learn to accept people not based on a learned system of prejudice.

Man vs. Himself: Each of the Finches must confront their fears of losing the trial and facing a hostile society.

In Chapter 24, it's

Woman vs. Woman: Miss Maudie (open-minded) vs. Aunt Alexandra (closed-minded) in their criticism of society

Social Institution vs. Social Institution: the missionary circle is juxtaposed with Scout's memory of Calpurnia's church.  The former only wants to "help" people from afar, but the latter helps its own, those who are suffering here and now.

Girl vs. Herself (Emotions): Scout learns to control her emotions through her learning experiences from Miss Maudie and Cal.

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