What is the main setting of the story Travel Team by Mike Lupica?

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The setting of a story includes a few elements.  First, part of the setting is the place where the story is set.  A story may be set in one place, or it may move from one place to another.  Another element of the setting is the time during which the story occurs.  The author may specify an actual day or year or the time may simply be a reference to the time of day.  Finally, the setting also includes the atmosphere of the story or the mood that characterizes the atmosphere of the story.  Details such as characters' actions, weather, and color imagery (to name a few) may suggest the feeling or mood in the story.

The main setting of Travel Team by Mike Lupica is Middletown.  The story shifts from Danny Walker's home in Middletown to his school St. Pat's.  There are no specific dates set in the novel, so the reader assumes that it is set in contemporary times over the course of several weeks.  The overall mood of the story is uplifting as Danny faces many setbacks from being too short to play basketball to his eventual display of leadership on the team.