What is the main setting of Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture?

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The main setting for Pausch's The Last Lecture is a Carnegie Mellon University lecture hall in September of 2007.

Pausch delivered his lecture as part of Carnegie Mellon University's "Last Lecture Series." The idea was for professors "to offer reflections on their personal and professional journeys." Knowing that he had only months to live, Pausch wanted to give a lecture that would emphasize the power of living life, even in the face of imminent death. From Randy's office, the lecture hall that held 400 people was located on the other side of the Carnegie Mellon University campus. This lecture hall is the setting for Pausch's lecture. It has significance because Randy was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. As a professor, Randy delivered many lectures. It is very poignant that this served as the setting for his last one.

There are different settings in the course of Randy's lecture. The lecture takes the audience to different places. For example, Pausch's lecture revisits his childhood home, specifically his room and his family's dining room table. Randy takes the audience to Disney World, different computer lab settings, and North Carolina to meet his future wife. However, the primary setting for The Last Lecture is the lecture hall on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University.

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