What is the main resolution in "The Purloined Letter" by Edgar Allan Poe?

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The main resolution of the story is Dupin's realization that the letter is "hiding in plain sight" in D.'s rooms and the trick he plays on D. to take the letter and replace it with a facsimile. Dupin outsmarts D., who outsmarted the Prefect.

In another sense, if you read the story as a kind of argument, the resolution comes with Dupin's explanation about intellect and understanding. According to Dupin, the Prefect's minute search of D.'s apartment was doomed to failure not because of any lack of thoroughness but because of a lack of imagination. Had D. thought to conceal the letter inside the hollowed out leg of a table, the police certainly would have found it. D., however, took into account the Prefect's methods when thinking of a hiding place. He knew that the police would ransack his apartment; he even made it easy for them to do so, frequently spending nights away from home. Because he anticipated the Prefect, he chose to hide the letter in the one place they would not look: in the...

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