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For what reason did Canada become involved in WWI? How is the War Measures Act related to the first world war?

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Canada became involved in the First World War because it was part of the British Empire. When Great Britain declared war on Germany in August of 1914, its empire did as well, and this was actually one of the things that made the war truly a "world" war. Canada was one of the first countries outside of Europe to send forces to fight in the war, dispatching an army in October. While entry into the war was automatic, the amount of forces Canada sent was not, and the Canadian Parliament had the power to decide that for itself. As the war dragged on, many Canadians began to question the extent of the country's involvement, which was extensive.

The War Measures Act was passed by the Canadian Parliament shortly after August, 1914. It gave the government powers deemed necessary for conducting the war effort, including the ability to arrest, detain, and even deport aliens whose presence was deemed...

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