What is the main reason for Gothic literature? How did the creator of it come up with the name Gothic literature?

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James Kelley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What's the origin of the term? At least one source claims that the term "Gothic" was taken from architecture and applied to a type of literature. The connection may make sense if you think of Gorhic architecture as representative of the Middle Ages, a period in which the scientific, rational world view hadn't yet become dominant.

The Oxford English Dicitonary defines "Gothic" in the literary sense of the word as follows: "Of or designating a genre of fiction characterized by suspenseful, sensational plots involving supernatural or macabre elements and often (esp. in early use) having a medieval theme or setting."

What's the reason for Gothic literature? I've always encountered explanations that make connections to the Romantic era, a period in art in which themes dealing with the irrational, the dark, the supernatural, etc. were favored. As to why such themes were favored, I'm not too sure. Some people have claimed that Gothic literature is a reaction against the logic of the Enlightenment (see the second link below).

kgem | Student

Gotic literature is basically part of (Romance Literature), its an expression of the irrational, inner, unconcious desires.