What is the main problem in Indian in the Cupboard?

Expert Answers
brendawm eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The problem in Indian in the Cupboard is that of , a 9-year-old boy receiving a magic cupboard for his birthday, only he doesn't know it's magic until he puts a toy Indian in it and watches it come to life. Little Bear is a member of the Onondaga nation from a time-set in 1761, when his people are in danger of annihilation. He also places a cowboy from the 1870s - when the modern world is threatening to eliminate the Old West. The problems are many, but the primary problem deals with characters out of their time, not to mention the fact that they were natural enemies during their own times. In addition, you have toys being brought to life, talk about problems! Omri must deal not only with toys coming to life, but he must act as peacemaker as well.

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