What is the main problem faced by the main character in this book?

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This is an interesting question, as The View From Saturday has a unique plot structure. The story is organized by a series of smaller stories told throughout the novel.

The story centers on Epiphany Middle School and how they made it to the final round of the New York State Academic Bowl. The group, compiled of sixth graders, is a young group for the competition. They are facing a group of eighth graders in the final round.

What is unique about A View From Saturday is that each member of the Epiphany Middle School team tells their story about how they could answer the first question in the championship round:

What is the meaning of the word calligraphy and from what language does it derive?

The main conflict that drives the plot of the novel is Mrs. Olinski's decision to choose the four members who will make up Epiphany Middle School's competition team. The way the book is organized allows for excellent character development and a very fun read!

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