what is the main problem/dilemma?  

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uhm. for me their friendship is the only way that made me and others realized that their friendship is so intense that they willingly accepted their death(eventhough they does not know that they are going to be killed). for me the main problem here is that the father is not being coscienced with what are they doing and also the main problem can also be the holocaust.

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The main problem in the 'Boy In The Striped Pajamas, is that Shmaul is a Jew, and so he is kept behind bars. With Bruno being so adventerous, the mum knows that he will eventually find this concentration camp. And she was right. However, with both of these boys being to young to understand, they think that they can be friends and that both the camps officers, and Bruno's dad will be perfectly ok with them being friends. But we know that cannot be. At the end of the film when Shmauls dad has been killed, shmaul just thinks that hes missing, and so he asks bruno for help. This means Bruno dressing like one of the jews, completley blending in, making it easy for the officers to mistake him as one of them. When the time comes for one of the bunks to get killed, it just so happens that both of the innocent boys were in there, and so they both die. In my opinion, the main problem in this production is that the two boys are to young to realize that them being friends, is putting both of their lives at risk.