What is the main problem or conflict in The Whipping Boy?What is the solution for this conflict?

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The "Whipping Boy," a book written by Albert Sidney Fleishman is a story about a young prince who has very poor behavior.  By many he is called Prince Brat.  Since nobility is unable to be punsihed a young boy is brought to the castle.  The boy is there to be whipped each time the prince misbehaves.  The boy's name is Jeremy.

Jeremy,  an orphan, has conflict with the Prince because he has pride in himself enough not to cry out or scream when he gets whipped.  His behavior upsets the prince who wants him to yell and scream.  The prince has ultimate power over the boy because of the boy's class being so low and the Prince's being in the upper class and nobility. Yet, the prince can not break the boy.

The two boys runaway at the idea of the prince.  Their journey leads them both through experiences that will alter the prince's behavior.  They are chased by outlaws.  IN the end resolution occurs after the prince earns about life outside of the castle and develops a friendship with Jeremy.  He wants Jeremy to return to the castle with him so that he can receive a reward.

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