What are the main points in Tears Of A Tiger that one should know going into a general test? Sort of like a summary.

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I can give you some study questions based on the test I have given on the book. 

1. Why did the car burn the night of the accident?

2. Why didn't Gerald go with them the night of the accident?

3. Who got the beer for the boys?

4. How did Keisha find out about the accident?

5. Which one of the boys is religious?

6. What is the purpose of the  organization SADD?

7. What did the basketball team do when Rob died?

8. Why didn't B.J. play basketball?

9. How long had the boys known each other?

10. If Gerald could change the world, what would he do and why?

11. Who took Rob's position on the team? How did he feel about that?

12. Why did Keisha get frustrated with Andy at the mall?

13. What upset Andy's Christmas?

14. Why was the doctor concerned about Andy's relationship with Keisha?

15. Why does Andy hate snow?

16. What drives Andy crazy about Mrs. Blackwell?

17. What is Monty's solution to nightmares?

18. What does Rob ask Andy to do in Andy's nightmare?

19. What did Andy say in his letter to Mr. and Mrs. Washington?

20. What Shakespearean play were they studying in English class?

21. Who did B.J. and Tyrone go to for help for Andy?

22. What did Andy do in science class that got him into trouble?

23. What did Andy do that concerned Mrs. Blackwell?

24. What was Andy's father's reaction to Mrs. Blackwell's concern?

25. What concerns Andy about Monty's coloring pictures?

26. What did Monty draw that represented Andy?

27. What did Andy do at the talent show that upset teachers?

28. Why is Keisha starting to lose interest in Andy?

29. What is the subject of Rhonda's letter to Tyrone?

30. Why did Keisha and Andy break up at the talent show?

31. When Andy finally talks to his mother, what is the subject?

32. How does his mother react?

33. What was Andy's purpose in telling her about the incident?

34. What lie did Andy tell Coach Ripley?

35. What did the coach tell him that could affect his future?

36. Why did Andy's dad have a one-on-one talk with Andy?

37.  Why does his father always call him Andrew?

38. Why can't Andy get ahold of Dr. Caruthers?

39. Who else does Andy try to call that night?

40. Why is Coach Ripley concerned about Andy's absences?

41. How does Andy kill himself?

42. What does the grief counselor have the students do to express their grief?

43. How do each of his friends react to the suicide?

44. What did B.J. pray to God for?

45. What happened to Andy's parents after he died?

46. Why did Sharon Draper title the book Tears of a Tiger?  

Who said each of the following?

47. "I'll never forget that it is OK to put dragons in the jungle and tears on a tiger."

48. "When the bad times come, like when Robbie died, a friend is the most important thing in the world.  Rhonda and I cried together and tried to help the boys involved as much as we could. "

49. "I look at Monty and his future looks so bright.  He's cute and he's smart.  He'll be a doctor or lawyer some day.  I cn tell.  But me, I don't see me being nothing in the future."

50. "All I know is that there was a special reason why we didn't die in that crash ----and then you just blew it."

51. "You have to be strong and show that you are bigger than the problem."


Good luck.  Most of the answers you will find in chronological order in the book.  I hope this helps.