What are the main points of The Ideal Husband?

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If we go by the writing style of the author, Oscar Wilde, the first point to consider is the irony of the title. Wilde used satire as his preferred medium for comedy. These comedies, which mock the upper classes's obsession with class and propriety, are called "comedies of manners" for that very reason.

That said, the irony of the title of this play is the first point. The collateral damage that this irony leaves behind makes the other points up for consideration.

1. The "ideal" husband, which Sir Robert Chiltern is, as his title suggests, a "gentleman." He is admired and celebrated by all, especially his wife, Lady Chiltern.

However, this man is far from ideal. He is actually what we can call a "schemer." At least that is what he was when he first made his first fortune as the inside informant of a Baron Arhheim. This Baron used Chiltern's inside information to invest and earn millions for himself and Robert. As you know, in the world of trade and business, everyone is expected to play fair and...

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