What are the main points in Althusser's Ideology and ideological apparatuses?

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litelle209 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Althusser is mainly concerned with how the state manages to perpetuate itself or stay in existence. He argues that aside from visibly coercive force this is only possible through the use of ideology. The latter however is what he terms invisible. If this is the case, he suggests we must look toward the institutions that are ideological in nature, or what he calls the state apparatuses. He suggests that there are number of institutions that shape our ideological beliefs, but we do not know it. Althusser calls this process Interpellation, or how one is hailed as a subject of society through ideological forces. This, as well, is a process that takes place without explicit consent or knowledge of the individual. Finally, the institutions Althusser views as doing this ideological work include churches and schools, but consider that the family or marriage are also considered institutions.