What is the main point that Satrapi is saying about the country of Iran?

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I would say that one of the primary points that Satrapi is making about Iran is how those in the power might be only seeking greater control over the people of the nation.  Satrapi is clear about the idea that there is a love for Iran.  This love can go against those in the position of power.  While Satrapi is open about the fact that those in the position of power in Iran might claim to loving Iran, the reality is that in their display of power and its exercise of repression, there is more of an exercise to consolidate and display control as opposed to a true love of nation and its people.  For Iran and Satrapi's depiction of it, the change of power from the Shah's rule might have been needed in order to widen opportunity for more of the Iranian people.  Yet, the usurpation of power by the Ayatollah and the fundamentalism which gripped Iran was not depicted as something that helped more people. In the end, this becomes Satrapi's main point.  In her departure from Iran without sacrificing her identity and her beliefs in social justice, she demonstrates how Iran is not going to embody that which is good and true under the rule of those who are not leading the nation with the interests of justice and political honor in mind.


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