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The story line through "The House on Mango Street" follows an irregular pattern.  The story is about a Latino girl who grows up in Chicago.   She wants to leave her home on Mango Street.

Esperanza Cordero lives in a rough Latino neighborhood.  She is tired of trying to survive there and does not want to be a part of the life.   She resents that her dreams are all accepted to be relative to her environment.  She wants a better life.  She has a large family and they are fairly impoverished.

Esperanza's family does not want her to leave.  Her aunts try and teach her that she can not just leave Mango Street because it is a part of her being.  They advise her that if she does leave that she will always have to return.

The story is a coming of age and maturity novel as Esperanza comes to accept and better understand the things of value in her life.

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