What is the main plot of this story?

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The critical plot element concerns Antigone's refusal to obey the rule of King Creon's law.  The current stature in the play is that Antigone will not be able to honor her dead brother's body through proper funeral rites.  This sense of legal justice is set in collision with Antigone's sense of moral righteousness.  The plot, thus, is the exploration of this notion of choice between adhering to moral justice and legal justice when both are in collision with one another.  The idea of choice is also evident when King Creon refuses to show flexibility, even at the imploring of his own son who is in love with Antigone.  This same element is present when examining Antigone's sister, Ismene, who must make a choice of helping her sister or abandoning her in a time of need.  The notion of individual choice and its reaching implications form the essential plot of the play.