What is the main objective of CNC applications in the product manufacturing?

krishna-agrawala | Student

I believe the term CNC applications in the question refers to computerized numerically controlled machining applications. These techniques is used in manufacturing. particularly in machining operations that require manufacture of a wide variety of components with medium to high level of production and small to medium production batches. Added advantages are available when the components to be manufactured can form homologus groups of similar products, that reduces the effort and cost of programming for manufacture of each component.

CNC machines are likely to result in lower manufacturing operations only when the above conditions are satisfied. For example CNC machines are not suitable for very high volume manufacturing of one standard product. In such cases it is more economical to use special purpose machines. rather than CNC machines.

Similarly it is not desirable to incur the high overhead cost of programming for manufacture of one-off components. In such cases manually controlled machines are likely to provide most satisfactory solutions.

giorgiana1976 | Student

The main objective is to obtain products at a much lower manufacturing cost, compared to the one resulted from conventional applications.

 CNC applications, by their complexity, allow the obtaining of much more reduced manufacturing times, compared to the conventional ones.

The use of modular systems for orientation equipments, has reduced, substantially, the cost of fixtures. Also, the increase of the cutter life, has allowed the decreasing of tools purchasing costs. Tools magazines which are present in all manufacturing centers, have significantly reduced the problem of storage of tools, lowering the costs of warehousing spaces.

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