What is the main moral reconciliation in 1984?I'm having a little trouble starting what i want to say.

Expert Answers
goreadabook eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main moral reconciliation in 1984 is at the end after Winston has been conditioned to view Big Brother as God.  A moral reconciliation is when a character develops a new perspective on God or spirituality.  Winston is irreligious prior to being arrested by the Thought Police.  He had lost his faith in humanity, society, and government, and never mentioned any type of belief in a higher power.  In book three he is tortured endlessly in the Ministry of Love until he is finally able to view Big Brother as God.  This isn't so much due to force, but due to the extreme manipulation on the part of The Party, primarily O'Brien during his torture.  He sees how powerful Big Brother is and realized that there is no being in existence who possessed more power than the figurehead of this Totalitarian government.  Therefore, his belief that Big Brother was "God" was his moral reconciliation.

timbrady eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm just wondering who told you there was one ... my view is that there is no possiblity for moral reconciliation at the end of the book because Julia and Winston no longer have any moral will.  They come together as two zombies ... anything that they do at this meeting is almost robotic.  And how do you recover from "Do it to Julia"?

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